REDmon - responding in a cyrillic language in ahelp after prior warning

Ban reason: responding in a cyrillic language in ahelp after prior warning 

Length of ban: permaban 

Events leading to the ban: I talked to the admin in ahelp about the suicide in the first minutes of the game, where I found out that I broke the rule. Then he began to explain the metagame that happened last night, for which I am also very sorry. I don’t speak English well, so I used a browser translator from Ukrainian to English to apologize and explain that I didn’t deliberately break the rules until the end, but I made a mistake and copied exactly the Ukrainian text, after which I immediately sent the English version to apologize. But without warning I got banned on server west. Then I wrote to the ahel of another Den Wizard server and asked for help, but I was blocked there as well

Reason the ban should be removed: I’m really sorry for ruining the game and ignorace the rules. I also apologize for my inattention. Next time I will be careful and check what I send

A question on the understanding side then, if you are using a translator to do the talking in an aHelp how is your Reading, understanding and communication in game? Are you using translator for that too or understand enough for in game?

I’m sorry, I use the translator not only to understand complex sentences, but also to learn a little to speak and write, please forgive me if this inconveniences you

Just to keep you in updated, we will do a collective admin discussion and vote and I should be able to get back to you in about a day with the outcome.

ok thanks for looking at the appeal

This has been put to admin discussion and vote. Admin consensus is to remove the ban.
Just try keep in English at all times on the server. Also regarding the initial contact the admin made about the giving up on the role. They were trying to inform you about antag rolling which is not permitted. Where you immediately give up or suicide your given role to try get something like a nukie or ghost role at the start of the round.
Appeal accepted - Ban removed.

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