[RedNiloc] - [Command ban appeal - Murdering other players for petty reasons]

Role(s): [Any command role]
Length of ban: [Inf/Forever]
Events leading to the ban: [I had murder 3 players in total, one for attacking hammy, one for suspicion of poisoning me and the last one for trying to arrest me]
Reason the ban should be removed: [After this had happened, I was not only role ban but ban for a month. I already waited a month and had played a lot since then and I realize that the ban I had received at the time was valid and I know what I did was wrong however I believe I no longer need to be role ban because of these reasons. One reason is when I did this I just started, I really did not know much about the game and just hopped in a round. Another reason is since then, I have changed a lot I take the game more seriously I have around 350 hours on official servers and this ban was a long time ago. I know what I did was wrong I would not do the same thing again. I have already learned my reason and I understand that killing people as a non-antag is wrong. I don’t believe that because of a mistake that I had made a long time ago I should be ban from command roles forever.]

While I understand the bans were a while ago you somehow alloted five notes already in July for various degrees of troublemaking:

07/10 - Extremely insistent on trying to meatspike a prisoner until the HoS stopped you

07/10 - Attacking random players as a station pet (slime)

07/13 - Stealing the bartender’s vending machine to sell it, then beating the bartender into crit when they tried to stop you from ruining their job

07/23 - Antag-rolling by server hopping

07/29 - Releasing the singularity by what would appear to be intentionally setting it up incorrectly without the containment field on core station.


Given the significant number of notes for various degrees of trouble I’m gonna ask you to wait two more weeks without issue before we entertain this.

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