Redoing this appeal, banned for random hatchet murder

SS14 account: empsmanlimplbamp
Character name: i forget
Type of Ban: game ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: about 5:30 pm est
Reason for Ban: “random hatchet murder”
Server you were playing on when banned: wizards den lizard
Your side of the story:  i picked up a hatch et in a kitchen and attacked a player getting cuffed and then put into a cell after that banned
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because this is one of my first times playing and the ban made no sense seeing as i was in a cell and playing fairly
Anything else we should know:  I was accused of evading ban even though I would have no reason to do so.


the ban made no sense seeing as i was in a cell and playing fairly

No you weren’t. You were literally arrested because you were breaking the rules and attacking players randomly for no discernable reason. That very clearly does not mean you were playing fairly.

No comment on the other part of your ban, being that you weren’t actually responding to my questions when I was talking to you?


Stealth16: whats with the hatchet murdery tendencies
empsmanlimplbamp: they were agter me they got the knives
empsmanlimplbamp: the walls were angry
Stealth16: no you literally just picked up a hatchet and started attacking people
empsmanlimplbamp: they told me to
empsmanlimplbamp: the voices
Stealth16: you’re either gonna answer me straight here or you’re gonna have to appeal on the forums.
empsmanlimplbamp: crime is fun
Stealth16: ok, have a good day
empsmanlimplbamp: bye

I’m shocked to even see you make an appeal, honestly. I thought you were a troll who had no interested in playing the game. I’m a bit agitated to see you here defending yourself now, wasting our time further, instead of actually just talking to me ingame.

ok sorry damn


I’m going to handle this since Stealth16 handled the initial ban. Just solely looking at your ahelp transaction where you provided absolutely no basis for randomly attacking someone, then coming here claiming you are playing fairly, I have zero reason to believe you even registered that you had to read the rules before playing. 

This is denied. Appeal again in two weeks (10/7/2022).

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