Remi hates lights

killing people and breaking lights as remi

so I ssd or died I do not know but I saw that the remilia role was available after a few runs as a rat and a pai so I chose it I had a idea that I was going to be a remi that hated lights and hated janis so I typed in ooc I think to ask my care taker to give me perms in role play so that I could be a mad remi he said yes so I went breaking lights and running

I get that it annoys people most of the time but at the time I was having a lot of fun and just chilling at the time also I was not taking my adhd meds I do not know if that is relevant but I think it is but I wish to be unbanned because I really think I was just getting bored and wanted something to do that would also be a good roleplaying experience for me and I was selfish thinking that it was fun for others I believe in second chances and I hope to be back on the server soon thank you for reading this!

This does not follow the ban appeal format.

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