RenoGaines - Blew up AME and had retarded unfunny name

SS14 account username: RenoGaines
Ban reason: Blatant AME grief and character name violation ´´Saul Badman´´
Date of ban: 1.1 2023
Length of ban: appeal only
Events leading to the ban: Well, firstly about that AME. Im trying to get into engi and was quite curious about everything. Guy teaching me stuff said that if you put too much injection unit (more then 2x a cores) it will blow up. I did not belive him, as the biggest explosion I ever saw was when I mixed some chemicals as chemist. Told some other engi to do it as I watched from the outside of glass. When it was done everything was normal and I thought that he was really messing with me. 5 seconds later I was dead and half of engi was missing. About the name, I did it long ago and forgot about that. 
Reason the ban should be removed: As stated above, it was not my intention to blow the station powerunit just for sake of being an asshole, I was simply experimenting and did not realise it would have such a big impact. I did learn from my mistake, and from now on I will try to be more considerate and be more cautious. As for the name, Im sorry about that, it was long time ago I set it up and forgot about that, I will change it immediately to something normal. 

Im sorry about the colours, cant edit it now, dont even know how to change it


The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Please re-read our rules, the longer version may be helpful. In the future, keep in mind that if someone tells you that doing something will cause damage and you decide to do it anyway as an experiment, you’ll be responsible for the impact of that experiment. You can ask questions about mechanics in the #help channel of our Discord server.

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