Restoring roles

Role(s): all of sci and command roles
Length of ban: I was not givin a time the ban was for 72 hours I have no idea how long its been
Events leading to the ban: I was begging for help after I spawned in and died at shuttle starting area. from what i remeber i was mad at the admin for being slow to help mee as it was middle of next round.
Reason the ban should be removed: not sure why im locked out of those roles yet i can still do warden and senor roles. please allow me back into the other roles so i can enjoy the game fully thanks

username is my tag on here thanks

You got banned from the roles because you were boasting that you were going to self antag as them and attempting to  inciting other people to do it too. All because your aHelp was not answered in a time frame you found acceptable.
Next time you want to aHelp, simply put your issue with some details in it and when an admin can get to it they will.

I’m going to remove the role bans but with a firm warning if you want to try and wind up the admins with a bunch of bullshit in the aHelp again, then next time you get appeal banned.
Appeal accepted - bans removed.

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