Revert disposal / refrigerator nuke survivability nerf

In recent updates they have removed the ability to survive the nuke via hiding in either disposals or refrigerator.

Though it was a very minor thing it was still a fun trick and gave extra RP options if the station happens to be losing hard. Nuke theme starts so you have two minutes to find a hardsuit and rescue Ian while avoiding nukies or such and such. You also get nothing for it and no text on end screen so whatever you do is purely a personal objective.

This also didn’t interfere with the nuke win condition or cause bugs as far as I know.

• Minimal to no effect on the round as a whole
• Nukies still get the major win
• Extra gameplay / RP in RP game
• Party trick to show friends and new players
• No special text on end screen
• Fun



What PR removed this so I can also look into the mindset behind this nerf?

idk for refrigerators, but here’s the pr that fixed disposal Fix disposals being effective nuclear bunkers by Doomsdrayk · Pull Request #29438 · space-wizards/space-station-14 · GitHub

also agree, it was a fun thing floating in space afterward at the end of round.

Seems like its just people choosing realism over fun for this specific thing for whatever reason

No no, look, for disposals I get it, but the fridge is the intended nuke bunker here, and apparently it’s broken for some odd reason.

It apparently became broken because the fridge was bombproof in general for be able to resist nuke explosion. Devs soon realized players (most likely command players) would just start to drag around fridges for be immune to bombing strats and decided to cut the problem from the root right away.
Bombproof fridge may be fun but unless fridges are permanently anchored there is no way it won’t be abused. Disposal units protecting from explosives was a bug and it was going to be fixed soon or later so sadly i don’t think this one will come back.

That logic doesn’t work well, because command members are the first one to go down if the nuke disk is taken by the nukies.

Second, this game is full of references, and the fridge and the Indiana Jones movie reference is definitely a reference of.

Devs really need data to back their claims of player doing things they think they do. For something to be abused, there needs to be something being abused of, are they preventing an objective from happening? What exactly is being abused? If it’s a kill objective, that point is mute because on NukeOps the only antags are really Nukies and Thieves. Maybe with the intercepted comms there is at least one “traitor” but seriously.

Who’s “fun” is being taken from, and what abuse is causing distress to the player base? Might as well prevent lockers from being used when tesloose happens, despite it being a perfectly valid Faraday Cage.

You are misunderstanding something. Command would not use the fridge on nukie rounds but on syndie rounds for become immune to explosives. That’s why it became a issue (and i may add at i did see command carrying around fridges after they got buffed so i know first hand at they did legit try to powergame fridges).

Seems like a admin issue rather than a mechanic issue then? That’s blatant powergaming.

For reference the origanal reason the fridge’s explosion resistance was nerfed was because during nukies, it could tank multiple nuke explosions directly on top of it, defeating the point of nukies trying to run away to survive.

Not sure how much weight this has but in 13 nukies still had to survive, I know this isn’t at all a thing in 14 right now but I still think they wanted to avoid people just standing next to the nuke and being fine, and instead having the choice to die to the explosion, protecting the nuke, or run away and survive, risking the nuke being disarmed.