[Rhoulander] - [metagaming]

-SS14 account: Rhoulander

-Character name: logan haynes

-Type of Ban: metagaming

-Date of Ban and Duration: 31/July/2022. Permanent ban

-Reason for Ban:  Metagaming and lying 

-Server you were playing on when banned:  [US][MRP] www.nyanotrasen.moe Lamia Update

-Your side of the story:   First of all, I would like to clarify that I am asking for a friend’s unban. He was banned because of me, i totally deserve the ban but he doesn’t (my account is: IPSI)(Character name: Iusepe Stramboti)(I want and deserve to remain banned).
I killed my friend because he didn’t know how to play and I thought it was funny, but a good admin stopped me. I don’t know much about the game and when the admin started asking me questions, I talked to my friend and he explained me that I was in trouble. To get out of the trouble i lied to the admin. But when i was developing the lie, I implied that my friend and I were metagaming and we were not, but I didn’t want to do that, I was lying and I am a very bad liar. The admin asked my friend about my information, and my friend was very nervius and he tried to help me by continuing my lie. And we both got banned for metagaming.

-Why you think you should be unbanned:  The admin started asking me for information and I lied to him to get out of trouble (i should have told the truth). I did RDM/Random kill and like i said I deserve to be banned, but we didn’t metagaming, I just asked my friend about the admin and he told me I was in trouble, I made up a lie and because of my lie the admin thought we were metagaming. My friend loves this game he knows it from youtube since a long time ago and he waited a long time to play the beta (because the space station 13 version did not work for him or something like that, I don’t remember all the history). The thing is that my friend loves this game and has been trying to play it for a long time. I don’t know anything about the game and today he told me that he could easily get the access to play with him and I screwed up and got him banned from his favourite server because of me and my lies.
In conclusion, I know almost nothing about the game, I think I randomkilled my friend, I lied to the admin and because of my lie my friend was banned by metagaming, he loves this game and he wanted to show me the game, but im and idiot and I get him ban. He doesn’t deserve the ban, I totally deserve it you can ban me from all the game if you want, but please unban my friend he loves this game, the server and the people of the server.

-Anything else we should know:  if you think that my friend deserves a temporal ban for following my lie, fine, but he didn’t metagaming he only lied because of my lies. 
And sorry for my bad english, I am better at speaking than at writing, but i tried my best.

We cannot do anything in regards to a Nyanotrasen ban. You will have to appeal through their channels.

@IPSI You need to appeal this in the Nyanotrasen discord. https://discord.gg/fnmaAN8nyY

These ban appeals are for Wizard’s Den servers only.

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