Ricarten12 - Role Ban For Using Macros

Role(s) : Cargo

Length of ban :  I am not aware of the time but I believe it’s indefinite

Events leading to the ban : 

I receive an admin message from AjexRose that my attempt to avoid AFK detection via macros during round 32287 was logged, and in addition 3 hours of my cargo time was removed along with a role ban on Cargo. I admit fully, I was using a macros to avoid the afk detection. However, I did it so that I could still receive time spent playing while working the Cargo desk. I had no intention of actually AFKing and ruining anyone’s immersion, as I would turn off the simple macros when someone came by asking for materials.

Reason the ban should be removed : 

I understand use of third party programs for any sort of reason, big or small, is frowned upon and I apologize for even considering. I really like playing Cargo (very relaxing) and I haven’t really experienced what being salvage is like yet. I am asking for another chance for my foolish mistake and have the role ban on cargo lifted. Otherwise I believe my role ban on use of macros should be a role wide ban then. Thank you for reading my appeal.

I understand that the Cargo role can sometimes be slow-paced, but using macros or any third-party software to gain an advantage, even if perceived as minor, goes against the game’s rules which are meant to keep a level playing field for all. Other players invest their genuine time into the game, and it’s essential that everyone abides by the same set of rules to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience for all.

That being said, I appreciate your honesty in this appeal. Based on your acknowledgment and understanding, I will remove the role ban. However, the time deducted will remain as a consequence of the previous action. Please be aware that if we detect further use of any form of scripts or third-party programs, stricter bans will be implemented.

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