Rich0rd - Toxicity (2)

SS14 account username: Rich0rd
Ban reason: Salting in IC and OOC over restartvotes/etc, murderboning as traitor, and generally being a dick to other players. Come back when you can be nice.
Date of ban: No Clue, it’s been too long.
Length of ban: Permanent.
Events leading to the ban: I don’t remember, as I stated in my previous appeal. But judging from the ban reason I was being a really toxic dick weasel.

Reason the ban should be removed: 

Alright, this is going to be it’s own part and I apologize if it gets a bit lengthier than the usual appeal but it is what it is.

As I said before, I do not remember what led up to my ban. Neither do I remember any events prior to the ban. My initial appeal(s) from back in the day got all deleted (I was never told why) so doing my own research into it is also not something I can do. But I do know that I went through some shit times, maybe used SS14 as an outlet to vent some frustrations. You know how life and people can be. But I moved on, forgot and then eventually remembered that this game exists. So it’s why I posted an appeal in March this year. This is what lonsoldier55 had to say on the matter:


Unanimous admin consensus is to deny this appeal. Even if we had voted to accept it, the Head Administrator has chosen to veto this appeal regardless. We do not think you are a good fit for our servers.


No further explanations, no context given, nothing being made clear. My appeal was essentially just brushed aside and that was that.

I’ve let a few more months pass before checking back in and seeing as nothing has changed I have decided to now appeal again. Because there’s people who say outright racist shit, LGBT-phobic stuff or commit hate crimes in-game, yet many of them are eventually forgiven and accepted back. A lot of them without even requiring a voucher. One look at the Accepted Appeals section proves that. They aren’t just brushed aside like I was. 
And knowing myself I can’t help but think that the reason for my permanent unappealable ban must be something on a more personal level. Seeing as I am not a murderer, sex offender, a nazi or any other sort of degenerate scum and that I don’t know any of the people who work on this game personally, yet have received a ban of this magnitude, I can only conclude that I must have said something mean over the internet, directed at one or more members of the staff. Something that really hit a sore spot and hurt their feelings to a serious degree.

Yes, eating a ban for that would be totally justified. But if I am correct here, and all I did was just be annoying and toxic, wouldn’t it be reasonable to forgive and forget after however many months it has been and allow me to come back? I sincerely apologize for whatever hurtful things I’ve said and all the toxicity I have shown in-game. Not because I remember what I even said to anybody or what I’ve done but rather because if what I did has left such a terrible impression then I must’ve really hit some sore spots. And that was not okay of me to do, so I apologize again and take back my words.

To clarify on the prior appeal; we discuss almost all appeals internally. Yours was put up for vote among game admin staff the same as many other appeals are along with a contexual summary of bans, notes, prior ahelps, and other information as deemed appropriate. The consensus of every administrator who voted was that it would be of negative interest to allow you to play on the servers again due to continued, willful, and repeated hostile behavior to other players and game staff.

The head administrator also expressed at the time that they have no interest in allowing you back on the servers. 


But why? Have I wished for all staff members to go kill themselves? Have I threatened to assault somebody? I doubt that, not only because I know myself well enough to be sure that I would never say such things even at my lowest points but also because if that were the case I’d have probably received a ban from these forums too. This sort of “unanimous admin consensus”, as it’s been described, has not been explained.

Again, if I was toxic IC and OOC I can understand a ban and I would not argue against receiving a ban for that. But it seems very irregular to keep any one person excommunicated forever because of “they weren’t nice”. This ban occurred some time last year and I apologize again for any past behavior from me.

Just now, Rich0rd said:

This sort of “unanimous admin consensus”, as it’s been described, has not been explained.

Administrators vote on open appeals. Accept, Deny, or Abstain. A unanimous admin consensus means you did not get a single vote in favor of accepting your appeal.

I understand what the words “unanimous admin consensus” mean but thank you for taking the time out of your day to thoroughly explain the voting process.

But again, what could I have possibly said and done to, for a lack of better words, make all the admins hate me so much?

On 5/3/2023 at 1:24 PM, Rich0rd said:

My initial appeal(s) from back in the day got all deleted (I was never told why) so doing my own research into it is also not something I can do.

I’ve reviewed the reason that your past appeals were hidden and it appears to have been an error or unintentional side effect of someone trying to respond to the situation that resulted in your forum warning from that time. Certain moderator actions perform automatic actions which are not automatically undone if the triggering action is undone, and that appears to be what happened here. Feel free to review your past appeals if you feel they may be relevant to this appeal, including if it may help you address a concern that the admin team may have while reviewing this appeal.

Okay! Thank you for unlocking the previous appeal / making it visible. I’ve gone over it and there’s a few key points I get from it.

  • I was acting like an ultra-obnoxious assh*le.
  • Definitely should not have continuously harassed moderator staff in DMs.
  • The style in which I appealed nearly a year ago is very cringe-inducing.

I don’t wish to go into any detail of what went in in my private life, so I will just say again that I did the absolutely wrong thing there of using this game as a way to vent frustrations and anger. None of it was justified and it was definitely not okay. So I apologize for my past words and actions against any member of the community or the staff. 

In that appeal’s last post by wrexbe it’s stated that the new appeal should be addressed to them. On that point I once again apologize for my past words and actions. Terrible OOC conduct like that is just not something I would do again. But should I make another appeal in regards to my previous-previous appeal or does this appeal thread here suffice?

46 minutes ago, Rich0rd said:

should I make another appeal in regards to my previous-previous appeal or does this appeal thread here suffice?

To keep things together, keeping things in this thread is ideal. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, or anything you’ve previously said that you’d like to expand on, or update now that you have access to the old appeals, feel free to. If you’ve addressed everything that you’d like to, or that you feel like needs to be addressed, please respond saying so. Once you do, I’ll check with the head administrator to see if they want to keep the veto in place, if they don’t then I’ll start the internal discussion and should be able to get a response back within a few days.

It’s pretty apparent that I’ve shown some really damning behavior that understandably left a sour and lasting impression on the people, both players and staff members. And it would seem that there’s more than a handful of people I have offended who are not even shown in the old appeal’s chatlogs, so starting to list everybody I owe an individual apology to is out of my reach. 

Again; I have been all the bad things but I have become better and all I ask for is a chance to prove it.

Don’t know what else to say here, so I think I have addressed everything that needed addressing.

Thank you for your responses, like I said I should be able to update you about if your appeal was accepted or not within the next few days.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal. Before playing, please ensure that you’re familiar with the server rules, feel free to ahelp anything you’re unsure of.

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