Rich0rd - Toxicity (Discord)

Discord account: richord

Date of ban: No idea, it’s been a good while though.

Events leading to the ban: To summarize; I must have been a total and absolute douche nozzle with a tendency for being abrasive, confrontational and outright unpleasant to have around. “Must have been” because I am certainly no racist, bigot or any other kind of inexcusable prick. But being straight up toxic in most other regards was what got me banned from SS14 a long while ago (by now unbanned of course), thus I’d assume that to also have been the cause for my ban on Discord.

Reason the ban should be removed: First and foremost, this is my second appeal for the Discord ban. The first appeal was denied and I was told to try again in two weeks. Decided to give it more time than that first, to see if I slip back into my old toxic ways in-game or not. This was mostly to prove that I did change and am no longer an individual with ban-worthy levels of toxicity anymore.  I have had no infractions, behaved and I think I am doing a good job at being a positive element for the community IC.

Second; I would actually like to give feedback on the things in the game (especially some of my more personal hot-button topics) but I feel like the forum is lacking in getting the word across to the volunteer coding team. This is both to the nature of it being a forum (slow-roasting posts) and it not being as frequented as I’d like it to be. GitHub is apparently an option but I frankly find the site confusing, non-appealing and very, very user unfriendly. This might mostly come down to that I have never used GitHub before except for downloading Voices Of The Void. 

Link to the first appeal:


The Moderation team has decided to accept this appeal. You can join again using the public discord link, or by clicking here.

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