Rodrieguez_Hasslehoff - Breach of Zero Tolerance Rule #2

Account Username: Rodrieguez Hasslehoff

Ban Reason: Breach of Zero Tolerance Rule #2 by saying “Are you done fingering yourself bud?”

Date of ban: 2023-01-15

Length of ban: Appeal Only

Events leading to the ban: I started off the round as syndicate, my roles were to make sure two people successfully completed their tasks, and to see that I got on to the escape shuttle unrestrained. So, all I could do was goof off since the round had just started. I walked from the assistant spawn, over to the engineering entrance, and witnessed a clown and another assistant break into engineering to steal gloves and goggles before running off. I didn’t stop them because I am syndie, but after they left and engineers walked into the room, I entered it too. I looked at one of the engineers names, and it read Macro Alfie. I made a joke saying “Macro Alfie, more like Micro Alfie.” Which was enough for him and another buddy to chase me out of engineering. Chasing me out was fine, but then they kept following me, and started wide swinging crowbars at me. Macro and his friend never said a word to each other, but they both agreed to hunt me down and beat me bad. Only reason I didn’t go into crit was because the warden Jamie Hawkins came around the corner. Jamie asked what’s going on here, and I had quickly responded that they are jumping me over a joke. Engineers never said anything and left, and then Jamie the warden looked at me and said “You were mugging them.” I said of how that makes no sense and he can search me, but he refused to, and just started arresting me, another passenger pulled me away because they had witnessed it and were coming to my defense saying I didn’t rob the engineers. Jamie the warden then arrested the other passenger too, and got us both into sec. Jamie at the time also mis-gendered the passenger who was clearly female on purpose, and ignored them when they kept correcting him on several occasions. While I was in security, the detective and a lawyer were listening to my story and said that I was clearly just attacked for no reason. Jamie refused to believe so and lied saying he saw me physically break into engineering, and that I was robbing the engineers too. I said about how this is bias’d and of how he just wants to arrest me to just arrest someone, but Jamie of course just ignored me. The detective and lawyer said that I had already served my time anyways for petty theft and minor assault. However, the warden just kept making up new info, and started to threaten the detective and lawyer with his power saying how he has the final say in things. This was just a clear power trip on his behalf, and he was upset that others were being reasonable rather then agreeing with him just because he’s security. After being held in security for 10-15minutes since the start of the round for doing absolutely nothing then just saying a name to an engineer, the warden was still trying his hardest to put me in a cell, and just overall making sure he can hold me longer because he checked me bag 3 times since he held me. I was cuffed the entire time. It was then I was fed up and said “Are you done fingering yourself bud?” because in my eyes he had been power tripping since he saw me. I was just fed up with him, and I said it as an insult, not as a sexual advance in any way, or as a sexual threat either. It was just an insult.

Reason the ban should be removed: I think this ban should be removed, for when Jamie instantly said “That’s a sexual reference, perma, you did a sexual reference.” I apologized and clarified that it wasn’t meant in any sexual manner, but it was just an insult. The detective even said of how, it’s clear that in this case it was just an insult, and that perma seems harsh. I understand I shouldn’t have said it now, and I won’t say anything in the future that can be interpreted as such. Also, Jamie was just so hard focused on making sure that I got into perma, that he completely ignored the detectives warnings saying someone is entering the armoury. Jamie just responded with “I don’t care”, and shortly the entire armoury was completely emptied. Jamie had also arrested the detective and the lawyer. He arrested the lawyer because the lawyer kept saying this was unjust to perma me over an insult taken the wrong way, and that I need a legal council first so I can create my apology to him. Jamie was annoyed that he kept standing in the perma entrance (Not door that leads inside perma, but perma entrance.) and so he baton’d and cuffed the lawyer. Jamie also then baton’d and cuffed the detective for he was standing there too saying this is way too far. I once again apologize for my actions, but it seems like the warden was just playing very hard, and did not like when anybody questioned him, or was near him, not even his own security could talk to him without him threatening arrest.


For future reference, if you happen to go through another situation where a player is unjustly keeping you prisoner, please ahelp it. Had you ahelped the situation before making any inflamatory remarks, you could’ve spared yourself this headache. I’m sure it’s hard to remember this in the midst of a heated situation, but just an fyi :smiley:

I wish you good luck in the result of this appeal! As the banning admin, I cannot vote nor decide due to a possible conflict of interests.

In what sense is “Are you done fingering yourself bud?” not intended to be a sexual remark

In my sense where I grew up and in my area, it is the same as if someone said “Go fuck yourself”. It was just more meant as saying someone was so full of themself, rather then meant in a sexual manner. I can see how this can be taken in the wrong manner now, but I meant it in no context as such. I did not mean to make anyone feel upset or disgusted, because in my eyes at the time, it was just a regular insult in my area to say to people who are giving you a hard time. Restating though now that I can see how it can be seen in a different light, and I did clarify and apologize in game, but I also once again apologize here. I see how my actions were wrong, and I truly did not mean any harm.

Locking this because thread is getting spammed. I will update you when we have reached a conclusion.

For the record; no one is claiming that the banned user here was making a sexual advance or trying to initiate ERP or whatever. You may refer to our rules:

“Absolutely no Erotic Roleplay (ERP) or sexual content, including direct or indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions.”

This encompasses more than direct erotic roleplay, and includes explicit mentions of sexual content, like above. This is well understood by players.

This appeal has been accepted. Please do not do it again.

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