[Rogene] - [Plasma flooding]

SS14 account: Rogene

Character name: Keni Arjak

Type of Ban: Appeal ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 9th Oktober 2022

Reason for Ban: “Plasma flooding. You clearly knew what you were doing. Appeal @ forums.ss14.io

Server you were playing on when banned: SWizard´s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: Im learning atmosphere mechanics and started doing the basics, i looked at the individual components, looked at how its all hooked up and removed everything i deemed too complex. So i ended up with a simple filtering system that has a output atmosphere of 25°C 21%Oxygen 79%Nitrogen. Afterwards i started trying out things with other gasses and had accidentally vented a mixed tank in the room. I saw this as a perfect way to test my Air filtration system and it managed pretty well i thought, tho it wasn’t good enough and we had a leak, 0.9ish % of plasma was in the atmosphere and i started working on it. After i saw the station is getting evacuated i thought i might as well hook the plasma miner into the station output directly, and see what will happen.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I mean there´s no real reason for you, but despite this im asking you because i really love this game and its community and want to continue finding out every single game mechanic there is. I now understand that even tho a evacuation is going on, the atmosphere is a quickly responding system and shouldn’t be messed with even if the station is evacuating.

Anything else we should know: I now understand that i probably messed the evacuation up, i didn’t expect the station to get filled this quickly.

Pretty straightforward appeal, you seem to genuinely understand what you did wrong and I don’t think we’ll have this issue again now that you know how fast/dangerous atmos is.

Appeal accepted.

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