Role Ban Appeal because injecting PAX for experiment as a CMO (Reappeal)

SS14 account name : BoejankGuts

Roles : Commands and Medical (?)

Date of ban : 09 February 2023

Length of ban : Appeal only

Events leading to the ban : Experimenting to random people as a CMO by injecting 30u PAX in maints without their consent or asking them.

Reason the ban should be removed : When the time happened, I was really excited by the effect of PAX (after re-reading about “chemicals” on wiki) and forgetting my task as a CMO that should heals people instead of giving harm or random experimenting without consent. And I feel I already deserved my punishment and I WONT doing it again in future. To be honest, since I got role-banned I feels dumb since “Chief Engineer” is the most favorite command job (for me) because CE is the most trusted engineer in-game since they are cant be a syndicate agent and also advanced magboots because it has no movement penalty.

Let me make this clear, you have a scroll bar attached to your notes panel. You have a marked history of powergaming/validhunting/self-antagonism to an uncomfortable degree, which is also reinforced by how you describe why you like the Chief Engineer role (for reasons related to metagaming and not for reasons relating to its actual responsibilities).

At this time, the administration team’s consensus is to only remove your role bans on Medical. The role bans on command roles will stay in place for a while longer until we can determine if you will continue to be an issue. You may attempt to appeal your command role bans one month from now (Mar 24th, 2023) so as long as you have a consistent playtime and no marked issues or attempts to evade your role ban.

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