Role ban appeal: StinkSnare

Role(s): [All heads]
Date of ban: [Monday, July 17]
Length of ban: [permanent]
Events leading to the ban: [I late joined as hop, not knowing of the time limit I had imposed on me. so early into the shift as Head of personnel i had to go permanently ssd, so before i left i picked the service worker without an important role, mime, who was at my office at the time, I informed my fellow heads of the head change and went ssd before any of my fellow heads responded. when i came back i was rolebanned from every head role.]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Even if it was frowned upon to let a mime take over, making a secoff hop would shorten another head’s team i also had a lack of time and someone at my disposal. The other heads had the full ability to overturn my discission with ease, and there was a secoff watching over my office. mime was a simple choice due to their lack of other duties and they were technically in the line of command for hop. along with that, i’ve seen plenty of shifts in which someone not certified by NT became hop, leading me to believe it was a okay thing to do as long as i had people with the ability to overturn my decision.]

Logs appear to show that you made the mime your assistant prior to realizing you had to leave, gave them HOP access, and that you intended to have them fill in for you at times, all based on a paper from them asking for a job. You also seem to have a history of issues in command roles. About a week after your HOS/warden role ban appeal was accepted, you appear to have formed cargonia and shoot the HOS as the QM.

May I explain the causes of those bans. The first ban the long predated the other two, was a mistake, it was my bad judgement I saw my warden armed, in a room with multiple heads that were dead. i admit that was a bad judgement call but it was a scenario in which one may act in a manor not fit to the situation, me shooting my warden was out of confusion and a quick reaction to what I saw. 

The ban from qm was a ban relating to a bad Captain. The cargonia claim was based on the captain ordering guns for cargo in fear of a security uprising and I sided with the captain. when the captain was detained, I took it upon myself to defend the captain which led to the incident where I shot hos.

and for the recent ban when I originally planned to take mime on as my assistant, I had planned to lock ian in my bedroom with the rest of my important belongings. and the “fill in” part wouldn’t span period of time longer than 2 minutes, I made it clear I did not want them copying any perms onto their id.

I fully understand what the issue with what I’ve done is, but I full heartedly feel that the understanding of the situation from my point of view were lost. One cannot always be rational in every situation, even if you could it would be a detriment at time. I understand if you don’t lift this ban. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I ask you think it over with a more open standpoint.

1 hour ago, StinkSnare said:

I full heartedly feel that the understanding of the situation from my point of view were lost

For the discussion that determines the outcome of this appeal, I’m going to ask admins to read through your replies here. Is there anything else you want to say or draw attention to in order to try to avoid reviewing admins from missing your perspective of the situation?

My personal belief, I’m not entirely sure it true, is that it’s okay to make silly decisions, as long as it’s not harming or ruining the game experience for other people. The incident with the warden doesn’t follow that rule, sadly. But the Qm supposed Cargonia incident, was me leaning into the role-playing, I did not intend to harm the game experience for the others and instead enhance it, as a rebelling Quartermaster and Captain would create a fun element of roleplaying and an interesting shift in the gameplay. And the recent incident, I full heartedly believed that a mime acting as the assistant to the hop or even as the acting hop would not only create an interesting shift for the mime but the people playing, further increasing the fact that every shift is unique in its own way. it’s a player driven game, and if people didn’t make these decisions, then it would just be another day on the job. Neither of my decisions hurt other’s enjoyment of the shift, it simply created a new unique part of it.

Alright, thanks for your explanations. I’ll start the discussion about your role bans and should be able to get the result to you within a few days

The admin team has decided to keep the bans in place. Your past issues in command were given as a reason contributing to the outcome. Regarding this incident specifically, the fact that you singlehandedly made such a large command decision was brought up. While it likely would not have been an issue to promote another head to your position without consulting command, here you essentially hired an entertainer into what is often considered the second highest command position on the station with no more pretext than them asking for a job. It is true that command is allowed to demote your hire, but the fact that they had your access means they could still have created issues in the positions, and it is not necessarily true that a member of command is free enough to enact a demotion.

You can appeal again after at least 2 weeks

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