RoleBan all command for SSD

Username: P0werpont13

Roles: All command roles 

Date of ban: 10/06/2023

Length of ban: One week 

Events leading to ban: I was playing on Leviathan earlier today when about 15-20 minutes into the round i had to leave. unfortunately living with my parents means that i have to do this every now and then because they come in and yell at me for staying up to late. 

Reason for appeal: as most night i can play head just fine its only every now and then a that i have to go its also especially annoying that i receive this ban now as i have exams the week and was looking forward to coming home and relaxing by playing some ss14 if this makes my case any better i will stop playing heads late at night so this wont happen again 

The administrative team has decided not to accept this appeal. Your role ban should already have been expired at this point.

Please understand that any head or command role is important for the integrity and enjoyment of the round for many players. Try to be able to commit to playing out the entirety of a round when you decide to opt in for the role.

Of course life always comes first. If for any reason you need to leave the game early as a command or head role it is preferred that you contact the admins via Ahelp, or your fellow command team to inform them of your departure. 

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