Rosebud - Rolebanned from Security Department after 'Powergaming'

Role(s): Entirety of the Security Department
Length of ban: Unknown, haven’t been given an estimate
Events leading to the ban: It was a hectic round, I was playing as a cadet - but I am not new to the game itself, I’ve played a lot of SS13 prior to moving over to this one, I’m trying to unlock more roles - and during the round I engaged against like 3 separate syndicate agents, managed to contribute in taking them down, got buddy-buddy with command, helped get us a new warden after the previous one went SSD, and so I was given leeway on carrying around an SMG and wearing a hardsuit. Some areas were spaced already and I was busy chasing another target when I got the heads up from an admin, whose name I can’t recall, asking me about why I have so much access and equipment during code green. I explained to them, relented on their assesment and after confirming that the final target was put behind bars, I put all of the equipment back and went about on my own.
Reason the ban should be removed: This was really out of the blue and I wasn’t even given a heads up I was getting rolebanned, or if it’s a premanent arrangement or not. I want to unlock the rest of the roles and play as HoP in the future, but damn it takes like 10 hours in each department just to get there. I’m still 3 hours away in Security. Even then I enjoy playing sec and manage to be nice and cordial even during tense moments to earn the trust of other players. Nobody likes a powertripping cop, I know that from personal experience, but I don’t see much harm in carrying extra gear around when you’ve faced three different fires already.

I’ve just been told that I’ve been only banned from the department for like three days. I’d like to rescind my request, no need to bother with this then.

Closed upon request.

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