Schiene's Admin Application

In-game Username: Schiene
Discord username: Schiene
Characters you play: Veronica Chambers (Almost Exclusively HoP, Warden or Cargo Tech), Amelia Smith (Mostly HoP and CE/Engineer)
How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?

Close to half a year on SS14, I have never played SS13 as I got introduced to SS14 first and SS13 just looks bleh comparatively.

How many hours are you available per day: Between 2 and 12, depending on if it’s a work day or not.
Days you are available on: Variable, but between two and four days a week.

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: Very short venture as admin on Arcadia, SS14. Daemon can confirm this (Ended as Server went Offline). I have been a Trial Admin on SS14 before, but was demoted due to inactivity during a time when my PC wasn’t functioning.

Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before? Narp.

This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

In my opinion, game admins are both there to prevent griefers and rule breakers, and engaging with the playerbase through fun admin events, both with the intention of providing as much fun without stressful BS as possible !

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

I am myself more of an MRP or even HRP person, so the LRP isn’t the best for me, but I like the moments where people don’t just murderbone and powerplay, instead of engaging in meaningful RP with Sec and laws, Trials, Mime and Clown being genuienly nice and funny, spicing up the round, and when Syndies engage with the Crew in a fun RP way that makes the round fun for everyone, instead of just bombing everything. So all in all LRP isn’t all that my thing, but I grew to love it because some of the moments are absolutely hillarious, heartwarming or absolutely EPIC, even though it’s just LRP.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

Mostly for the reasons I think Admins are important, both “keeping the peace” regarding OOC rules and griefing, but also to engage with the player base and spice up their rounds, making the game more fun for everyone. And let’s be honest, it’s the mapper in me being excited about all that too. If everyone is having fun and is excited to play more rounds, it genuinely makes me happy, that’s why I want to become an Admin. (Yeah, I’ve been demoted before from Admin for inactivity when my PC was down, but I’d like to do my part again.)

Application accepted, welcome back aboard

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