Scrip - a reputation/currency system

This is a repost from this discord post by Jezithyr: Discord

I hope it’s alright if I post it here for discussion and archival reasons.

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Honestly, its a cute idea and would be a nice little bit of round-to-round permanency (I do think it should be per character rather than per player account though).

Like, I’m skeptical it would necessarily reinforce good behaviors though. I feel like people will mald much harder when they get round removed when all of a sudden it means they lose precious scrip. All of a sudden round removal means something other than “go play something else or get a ghost role”. Even if there is nothing bad about being low, players absolutely will get angry about it. I also expect that drip to very quickly be taken from players by thieves if it is something players find desirable, causing another point of player conflict over what is essentially an OOC system.