Security Role ban Appeal required

Role(s): All security roles
Length of ban: Appeal Required
Events leading to the ban: I was played as security officer, some guy said he had stolen the HoS’s gun while in a taxi, plus there was a guy who as far as i know and were told, he was a syndie, so we found the guy who i was told was a syndie “Chuna” was the characters name, soon they hopped onto a taxi bot, or were hooked into it before yelling “See ya suckers” Or something along those lines, so, because as far as i knew they were a syndie, i shot them with a lecter until they died, because it was red alert, The second guy was an accident, brig was spaced and the HoS told me to brig him, Resulting in him suffocating, i also was told he might be a syndie seeing as he had lethal weapon that he stole from HoS. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I was role banned and also banned for 4 days because i was told thing by the Head of security, My Department head, Which resulted in two peoples deaths, who i was told were syndicate, Traitors, Terrorists, If anything, I feel i should not be role banned for being fed mis-information.

The situation is understandable. Please try to, where possible, independently verify information being fed to you if you can. Accepted, your rolebans will be lifted.

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