[Seija] - Scootz

Game Ban

SS14 account: Scootz
Character name: Scooter McGaverny
When was the ban: 00:17
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: Sitting in bar, talking bad about lizards. I get that there’s a rule around this. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: First official offence? I didn’t mean to bring the perma-ban ire of an admin for something so minor. I’ve been providing bug reports and ideas on the discord today. Really enjoying the game so far, I don’t understand how this could result in immediate permaban. I appreciate that it’s a rule, but I think this was completely unwarranted. I was given a warning and immediately stopped. Warning was more than enough. 
Anything else we should know: I’m not gonna waste your time. Make your decision based on whatever things you feel important. I just want to play the game again. I don’t troll, I don’t self-antag. I like the game, I like the community.

Specism is not allowed, since people use it as an excuse to be racist in a space game, and by the way you formatted your insults, it was pretty yikes. Please refrain from using hate speech, be it lizard, be it a human, we don’t accept this behavior, not even “Roleplay” as excuse. I wish to know the reason of why you decided to say such things in the first place.


No particular reasoning, I guess it was a bar full of lizards and I was the “outsider” so to speak? Does that speak to my real life nature more than I think it does? I get there’s no real excuse for it. I’m all for admitting my wrongdoings. I do appreciate the reasoning behind the rule and will obviously refrain from this sort of thing in the future, if there is one for me.

And by formatting do you mean dashes? I think that’s the effects of a lit joint in your characters mouth slot.

With formatting I mean the way to expressed the dislike, it has a shitter vibe to it, specially when you mention killing them, and if you read the rules, you should know that we are not a fan of RDM. We better not see this repeat in the future, nor RDM, or we will take more time to consider unbanning you. You will now be unbanned.

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