Server Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Init1
Character name: Hose Vanilliano (I think)
When was the ban: 15-16 january 2022
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den lizard [US WEST]
Your side of the story: Fake reports from over sensitive people. I play as Hose Vanilliano, a spanish immigrant that uses words like: si (yes), amigo (friend), compadre (people from same country), por favor (please), padre (father), senor (sir), senorita (miss), busta and other words like this. I never used, quote from ban reason: “racial slurs, nword, appeal on forums” except this time, this time I do an appeal for the 1st time.  I always mix those words with English ones so people would understand what I’m saying like very time I go to cargo I say “Hola senor (hello sir), I need… por favore (please), si? (yes?).” How is this a racial slur or nigger or what other hateful things?
Why you think you should be unbanned: Because it was unjustified, as I said. I RP as a spanish immigrant which is not against the rules and I mix a few spanish words in my english sentences to fit the caracter more. I bring the value of true RP. I never did something out of RP reasons, I respect the rules and I try to provide really good character. Yes, my bad in unfair. Just because some snowflakes or assholes that reported me unjustly, for reasons that do not apply because I did not do that, it does not mean that I should be banned.
Anything else we should know: No


This ban was performed as part of a ban wave.
No matter the context we do not permit racial slurs on our game servers, but it looks like this was part of an ahelp.
The other one I could not find context for.
I was going to unban you, however, you filed this appeal with an alt account.
I have reduced your ban to three days, and locked the alternate account.


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