Sherphen#3680 | banned for no reason as far as I can tell

SS14 account: Sherphen
Character name: Fulton Werner
Type of Ban: Banned from Server
Date of Ban and Duration: Forever ban. I don’t even have an estimate for when the ban started 
Reason for Ban: “datacenter.appeal @
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I play very sparsely and don’t break any rules, I haven’t even been arrested
Why you think you should be unbanned: I’ve done nothing wrong…was this a mistake?
Anything else we should know: Does using a VPN trigger some sorta autoban?


Turn off your VPN.

That, or someone in your household got IP banned.

To reiterate what veritius just said, datacenter bans cover VPNs which have been abused to ban evade. Turn off any VPN you are using and try connecting.

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