ShirouAjisai Command Roleban 2: Electric Boogaloo

Role(s): All Command Roles (HoS, CE, HoP, Cap, CMO, etc.)
Length of ban: Indefinite/no end
Events leading to the ban: Leading up to my ban, I had had a long history of not following the rules of escalation, poorly defusing situations, and committing actions that were questionable and don’t reflect well on a command/mentor role. I honestly hadn’t read the rules of escalation at all prior to using a command role and that’s my fault. I also admit that sometimes I didn’t follow them simply because I thought the people above me were being stupid about stuff or when someone was pissing me off. I wasn’t following the rules of escalation because I primarily hadn’t read them, and sometimes intentionally got annoyed with other people above me when they didn’t agree with me on how to handle an issue or when people were doing things that I didn’t like, and because I was generally confused on when to use lethal force and when I had no justification to use that lethal force. I also struggled with defusing specific situations while I was in command roles and that’s because sometimes I was so caught up in what I wanted and what I wanted my experience to be that I didn’t consider the experience of others. I remember I sometimes fueled stuff just because I thought it’d be funny or because I thought it would make the shift more exciting than it already was. I didn’t really defuse situations because again, I was only thinking about my experience in the shift and not the experience of other people. I would do stuff like yelling at someone for doing something around my department that I found annoying and then escalate it further without considering their side of the story or their thought process just because I found it annoying. I also engaged in some questionable command/mentor actions where I would technically be in the right but practically, it wasn’t the example that I should’ve been setting as a role model on the station. I did that kind of stuff because I found it funny to get away with that kind of stuff and I wasn’t thinking of the people I was supposed to be mentoring. My actions and thoughts that lead to these issues are mostly me thinking of myself and my experience and what I think would make my experience better and not thinking of others or their experience. I may be missing some things purely because of the fact that these issues were in the past and I’ve been focusing on other stuff lately.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel like the ban should be removed because I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ve reviewed the rules of engagement and learned them. I’ve also been humbled by playing normal roles with detective being my main role and other assorted personnel roles being secondary. I honestly really feel like this experience with playing normal roles instead of being a main command role person has helped me with thinking of the experience of others and how to better approach situations. Especially when playing a role like detective which has a gun on spawn, it’s helped me learn the rules of escalation much better and when is actually appropriate to discharge a weapon at someone, and what to do immediately after. I know I’ve had a recent one-week roleban from Senior Officer due to questionable actions as a mentor which included doing things that were technically legal but weren’t how I should’ve handled a situation when using a mentoring role. Aside from that, I have really learned how to keep my emotions under control especially when I have a role that’s important to the station like security/command which requires putting an impartial enforcement of the rules above my actual emotions. This time has been spent reflecting on my actions and becoming better with how I play with others and adhering to the rules of engagement as well as learning more about them and what is and isn’t appropriate. I understand if some command roles like HoS, HoP, and Captain would remain roles I’m banned from, but I would at least like more non-combative roles like CMO, RD, QM, etc. to be chosen for me to be unbanned from as they’re roles where I don’t have any prior history or have a very little prior history of causing issues in and are roles in which I wouldn’t be able to cause as much damage in as others like HoS, HoP, Captain, CE, etc.

As recommended by an admin my previous appeal, I’ve waited a week and I haven’t really had any issues with admins regarding my actions. I’m filing my appeal again because I’m still interested in having my ban appealed so I can play command roles again.

Alright, fair enough. I see no issues in the past week and you’ve got some time. All of your job related rolebans will be lifted. Accepted.

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