Shitcurity, bigotry and other prejudice against security/ACAB mentality and hostile players.

It seems that server culture on lizard is one of players freely calling security “shitcurity” for fun or just to cause conflict, regularly congregating in/at brig just to steal loot or “protest” despite it just being start of the shift.

Security is a station job like any other, I don’t see why these players get a free pass on their bigotry against police just because someone else chose to play as a security officer in a video game.

Well, people usually hate security because security are prone to be incompetent in a LRP setting, also, prejudice against any job is fine I thought (of course, prejudice is always bad, this time its just not banned). I main chemist, if someone drew ‘shitchem’ on ground outside of chem, I would just be confused.

The problem is both space station culture and people’s general want to defy authority or provoke some reaction from another person in a safe manner.

Security is generally restricted from killing you; so they make attractive targets to harass since they are (comparatively) unlikely to stab you to death and drag you into maintenance. Many bored individuals also antagonize security because it makes them the center of attention. Security has to arrest and deal with you the more disruptive you get, so it becomes a game to them of evading arrest and shit talking security during arrests. It is more engaging to them then whatever they were doing prior.

Some players also like to simply defy authority and flex their own agency that they cannot be told what to do (in a roleplaying game about being a crew member on board a naval installation with a ranking structure, no less). This is shown in a similar capacity when subordinates of a department simply refuse to follow orders of their head of staff knowing that the head usually has limited options to deal with them. On the same note people like to flex that they don’t have to listen to what security directs them to do.

And finally, because security is frequently abused by the incompetent or those who simply want to flex power over others, security has culturally in space station become a popular target to gang up against for virtually any reason. Think an arrest isn’t justified despite not knowing anything about it? You can scream shitsec and typically other people will start interfering. Think that prisoner was intentionally damaged with a baton instead of accidentally as is easy to do? Riot in front of security and cause a disturbance preventing them from doing anything else.

Personally I do try to step into unprovoked riots or antagonism against security for no purpose as it both makes the crew less safe and makes security a lot less fun to play to deal with the same troublemaker for 20 minutes. 

A simple measure against it would be just calling AHelp, you dont have to wait for Admins to see it and act by themselves.
Players who are frequently doing this stuff will probably experience countermeasures nonetheless, but reporting it could result in a shift of that culture in the long term.

The reasons for this behaviour were already mentioned before, so here you go.