Shyman012 - Homophobic slurs & permanently banned

  • SS14 account: Shyman012
  • Character name: Johnny [something]
  • Type of ban: Perma banned
  • Date of ban: Guessing - July/4/2022
  • Reason for ban: homophobic slurs
  • Server I was playing on when banned: Wizard’s den Lizard [US West]
  • My side of story: Don’t recall saying or typing any Homophobic slurs while in game.
  • Why I think I should be unbanned: Honestly, I don’t even know what I said. Nor did I get the chance to defend my self from this or apologize.


27 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:


Sorry the best I can offer, and i enjoy the game. If you give me a second chance I promise to be more civil in future. <3

Appeal accepted.

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