SirDragooon#9171 Accidental flooding of station air supply with plasma

SS14 account: SirDragooon
Character name: Brian Christopher
Type of Ban: Job Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 20.6.2022 ≈20:00 MESZ, 2 weeks from atmos
Reason for Ban: Flooding of Station and i should (paraphrasing)“learn the small scale before playing atmos again”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was setting up for a regular round of atmos, sitting around looking at the nice blinking lights. As I am fairly new to atmos I have not gathered much experience with all the nuances of the pipe system, which came at a disadvantage when i decided to try setting up a burn in the mix chamber. All went well and good, i took the necessary precautions of disconnecting mix exhaust from distro all together. Either way i had some trouble setting up the correct mixture in the beginning, accidentally using nitrogen instead of oxygen. That kind of trouble happens and is easily fixable, but i happened to accidentally fill a connected air cannister with a plasma nitrogen mixture and not thinking anything releasing a small amount into the atmos workspace. Realizing my mistake i go to vent the rest of the canister into space and when coming back inside, i receive a message from the admins asking why the station was flooded. I ask if that is true, because to my knowledge the plasma line is only connected to mix which is entirely separated from distro and the small amount of plasma just now couldn’t nearly have been enough. We go back and forth a bit, but understandably station is kind of fucked and the rest of the round mostly revolves around fixing the station and helping people.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I fully understand why i was banned, and rightly so, i just want ask for the duration to be lowered. I made a rookie mistake and am not even sure what happened, as i followed the tips on the wiki and had already had a few rounds of atmos under my belt and tried to set up the mix chamber as safely as possible. So i don’t really even know how this could have even happened, obviously not excusing that flooding the station with plasma is very much a job bannable offence.

2 week ban isn’t the end of the world, you can still play technician and learn some more.

I’d advocate reducing the ban length but I’ll defer this to the banning admin / team and they can reply further.

Already been almost 2 weeks and I see no reason to reduce it so this will be closed.

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