Skarlet - Suspicion of metacomms/metafriending

SS14 account username: Skarlet
Ban reason: Heavily suspected metacommunication / metafriending. tentative ban, appeal only.
Date of ban: 23-02-2023
Length of ban: Appeal ban
Events leading to the ban: So! I’m not quite sure what this all entails since there isn’t much context given, but I can guess it has something to do with me becoming closer to a bunch of people in lizard. After playing with the same people everyday for a while you just get to know people, especially when everyone uses the same characters and all. That isn’t to say I’ve been intentionally acting certain ways because I knew people. I get approached by plenty of people I do not know who appear to know me and I’m still very friendly to them. That’s for the metafriending part of the appeal… As for metacomms, I do all my communications in game. There is no real way to prove this other than I have been sitting quietly in voice chat (vibing) while playing, with admins present. I know this isn’t the ideal environment to play this kind of game, but listening to music with peeps is just nice, or talking about previous rounds, or just things completely unrelated to the game. Chief_Engineer has been overseeing our voice calls, I believe Whisper has witnessed one or two, mushroomLavender once, and Moony (though in another environment entirely) has joined a few voice calls for a little bit at a time. That’s about it, I think.
Reason the ban should be removed: Personally, I think I’ve been trying my best to avoid these situations… On another note, I feel like I am still missing context, and would be glad to elaborate on anything, or maybe provide proof on anything.

Hi, the reasoning for your ban is more or less based off two events, and I was hoping you could provide some insight. The first example was when you were a mime snydi, who was breaking into the armory, but did not have insulated gloves. You came back into the station, and took off your blood red going back to just being a mime. You then met up with “toboyo” who was fighting with “Archee” over insuls. It more or less resulted in you getting the gloves with hardly any interaction. 

Later in the round, you managed to get Toboyo to refuel your jetpack while wearing a blood red with basically no communication since you were a mime in space with a blood red. 

In another round, Toboyo was the antag, and you were an atmos tech. They broke into atmos, and you made an attempt to verbally ask them to leave. After a long time you left atmos which allowed toboyo and another antag to murder the other atmos techs and plasma flood. Problem here is you came back to the atmos lobby, ripped up a tile and inspected the distro. You noticed the plasma and only typed out “funni”. You then saw a person wearing atmos armor wall off the doors and you made no real attempt to stop them or do anything about it. 

Hopefully this clears up why we asked you to appeal, and hope you can provide some more info for us into these two situations. 

Aight, for the first instance: I honestly don’t remember this one that well. I don’t really know how to explain this either other than Toboyo just does things that I don’t understand. I went in looking for gloves, not specifically a person. I was gonna scavenge maints or go to engi, but I saw Toboyo with insuls, and they were busy doing something, so I thought I could just steal them and run away. As for the jetpack refill, I have no idea why they even agreed to. I didn’t care all that much about it, didn’t wait for it, I went to armory after someone called on radio that it was being bombed, so I thought I could team up with a syndie buddy and actually raid armory proper. I honestly would’ve done the same to anyone who saw me in bloodred outside if their reaction was the same as Toboyo. Which… Was very questionable. I believe there was someone in a paramedic suit just following me around to simply ‘watch me’. I can’t remember who it was, I think I even hit them once or twice. I personally don’t care about people who don’t seem threatening since I’d rather spend my energy on my actual goal.

As for the second instance: That round I was actually really pissed off at what happened because two randoms were in atmos for some reason. I wanted them out, but Goddard (forgot last name), the other atmos tech, told me to basically shut the fuck up because he just wanted to teach people. So I let go of that and went quiet. I don’t quite remember why I left atmos, possibly just still angry, or someone asked to check air alarms. Then we had plasma problems, which i went back to atmos for. I personally didn’t see anyone, I just saw atmos was walled off. Goddard making trit, and I assume they messed up or something and was fixing it (I thought atmos was flooded too which is why I didn’t bat an eye at the walls), so I grabbed a scrubber and went in front of cargo to try to fix it… Until it started igniting. I also asked the CE to RCD the tiles off to just remove ALL the plasma, but they didn’t seem to have done so, saying something like ‘you want me to space the station?’.

Toboyo’s willingness to self antag in order to help you was a large factor in our suspicions. Appreciate your response and this will be discussed internally. 

Admin consensus is to accept your appeal. Thank you for clearing things up. 

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