Slitheryrelic79's Application

In-game Username: SlitheryReborn
Discord username: Slitheryrelic79#5380
Characters you play: Silva-Shiek, Aubrey August, The Joke To The Punchline, Cyat Debinski

How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14?

Honestly? Not too Long. Ive only had a gaming PC since about One and a Half years ago. Before then I used an old work laptop to play games. SS14 wasn’t around back then so I decided to try out 13. It was so bad. Horribly Laggy and I couldnt move an inch per hour. But I had been hsown the game by friends and still loved it. I watched tons of videos on it and it became my favorite form of entertainment, Eventually when I did get my PC I immediately downloaded 14. And since then Ive played it nearly everyday whenever i could.

How many hours are you available per day:

Depends on the day. On weekdays Im normally available all the time past 3pm (when my work ends). And on Weekends its basically any point past 9 when I wake up

Days you are available on:

Every day of the week!

I don’t do much outside of work besides ttrpg and gaming. And the occasional work out sesh. 

Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this: 

I have never been an admin for a SS13 server before because like I said shitty laptop while I was exposed to it. However I have been admin and occasionally owner of several servers. One server I managed even peaked 800 members for a while. That was years ago but it was still a very fond memory of mine. And recently I’ve admined several roleplay servers.

Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?

Ive never even gotten a Complaint before as far as im aware!

This is the more essay-y part of the application, you should answer the following questions in detail, so we can get a better idea of how you’d approach adminning.

What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

I personally believe that admins serve an integral role in both maintaining the peace, keeping toxicity low, and making sure everyone has as much fun as possible. I’ve seen many admins hold absolutely amazing events and disasters which make the game so much more fun to play. Admins keep the fun alive without breeding toxicity which I’ve always admired. And honestly I just believe that without admin influence this game wouldn’t be as fun as It is.

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

I think its pretty good. Most people RP incredibly well and have pre-existing relationships which make the world feel more alive and immersive. But they know when to break character to help someone out or just make a joke when it’s funny. Of course I don’t think it’s perfect. There have been some people who are little less than trolls behind a mask, existing only to infuriate others. And I wanna help improve that situation.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

Because… I want to help out. I wanna make sure this game thrives far beyond my days soother people can enjoy it as much as I have. I don’t want a bad thing to happen to this place so I wanna be a line of defense like other admins. I want to do fun events for people and make others happy because thats what brings me the most joy in this word. To put things short, I wanna be an admin so that the fun never ends, and that we can all enjoy this amazing game

This application will be denied at this time.

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