Smellberg - inappropriate drawing and writing

SS14 account username: smellberg
Ban reason: “Drawing dicks”, “cum” and “wank” on the floor with crayons.
Date of Ban: 05/07/23
Length of Ban: Appeal
Events leading to the ban: I drew a dick and wrote cum and wank on the floor with crayons as a mime. This was intended as a silly joke with no other motives (although in retrospect I am now aware that it violated the sexual content rule).
Reason the ban should be removed: The drawings and writing were not meant to offend, or reference anything sexual, and were meant fully as a joke(I also wrote shit and piss along the same theme of joke, although these were not mentioned so I’m assuming there was no issue with this). After my ban, I refamiliarized myself with the rules and I take full responsibility and understand I broke a no tolerance rule and will avoid doing so in future, should I be unbanned.

How do you write “cum” and “wank” without meaning to reference anything sexual

When I wrote that, I was intending it just to be vulgar graffiti at the time without really thinking any further than that, however I do realize that in doing so I did make a sexual reference as the words are inherently sexual

Alright, fair enough. We will accept this appeal but please keep in mind that we have minors on the server and to please re-familiarize yourself with the rules.

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