Snapped Secoff

Role(s): security
Length of ban: perma
Events leading to the ban: This happened some time ago, maybe 6 to 7 months ago, not sure. I was somewhat bored and tired before playing. Decided to play as a secoff, patrolled at first looking for crime, found none. Went to the Psychologist’s office for a mental evaluation. Start rping as a snapped Secoff. Show signs of Split Personality Disorder and PTSD infront of the Psychologist. Decided to have a complete mental breakdown at the Psyhologist office. Start shouting at the Psychologist and then switch to the other personality over and over. He then leaves the room to fetch some other security officers, and det. At this point the “bad side” has now full control, held the Psychologist hostage. Sec storms the room and apprehends me, the hostage crisis is over, no one died, lasted around 3 minutes. Get cuffed, striped of equipment and carried to sec, HoS slips and I run away with cuffs on into maints. At this point on, I’m now somewhat being a shitter. Run around and bump into the kitchen. Start starting up a fight with the chef for the sake of crazy, almost have a fist fight with the chef. Get bwoiked, lose sec role, attempt to file for salv, but rejected due to enough salv, and then get killed by a syndi.
Reason the ban should be removed: I Should have knew that Security was held to a higher degree of RPing, along with the fact that Security already has a bad reputation due to such behavior as this. I went too far with the crazy security officer and should have stopped before the escort of security arrived. I have learned my mistake. I think this ban has lasted lnog enough, and I want to apologize to anyone who was playing on this round (Especially to the Psychologist) for finding my actions unacceptable.


Extra note: Let me know if I left out anything else, as I don’t really recall the events that led up to this.

I forgot to add the account user name to the title. I don’t know how to edit.


I’m crazy or on drugs is the most over used excuse we hear when people are trying to justify self antag or random shittery.
Like you said Sec is held to a higher standard and can see you have some more time in the game since the role ban was placed. Keep it at a high standard with sec moving forward.

Appeal accepted - Role ban removed.

To enable speedy review of all appeals, appeals that meet certain requirements may bypass the standard, often lengthy, review process. Our banning policy requires appeals which are denied using the speedy review process have this notice placed on them. Any of the following criteria typically make an appeal eligible for the speedy review process:

  • the ban length is less than or equal to 14 days,
  • the appeal is older than 7 days, or
  • the result of the appeal is obvious.

In some cases, the banning admin may process the appeal. The banning admin cannot process the appeal if:

  • the facts that led to the ban are disputed,
  • the appeal makes a claim that the admin who placed it was biased, or
  • the ban was not within the ban guidelines.

You may contact a head game admin if you believe this appeal was handled improperly, but should be aware that this will typically only result in a review of the processing of the appeal itself, with the appeal being re-opened if an issue is found. An appeal is considered to have been processed improperly if the criteria to use the speedy review process was not met, or if the facts which the processing admin relied on to process the appeal were incorrect. You must concisely describe why you believe the appeal was handled improperly. If no issue is found with the processing of the appeal, the appeal itself will not be re-reviewed. If, in bad faith, you claim that an appeal was handled improperly, the reviewing head admin may decide to extend the time you must wait before you appeal and/or extend your ban duration. You can find a full list of staff, including head game admins at the staff directory.

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