Sneed chuck 3

SS14 account: SneedChuck
Character name: Murry Murdoch
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent
Reason for Ban: “Sexism”
Server you were playing on when banned:  Lizard
Your side of the story: Talking shit to someone who happened to be playing a female character, the same as I did to male characters during the round and was called sexist for it.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I was not aware of the line that is acceptable and is not in regards to talking shit. I regularly saw people calling others retarded and things much worse than what I said myself. I find a permanent ban for this to be excessive and can play without causing issue in regards to saying things that are over the line.

Hey Sneed,

I myself did some looking at your logs in addition to having personal admin interaction with you during your playtime. The more I scrolled through your chat logs, the more and more I found of you being generally annoying, inflammatory, spamming, and in general trying to gaslight every single player you interacted with, in addition to off-color comments. If I were to post examples of this, I would essentially be posting your entire chat history (A sample was already made available in your prior appeals, so refer to there). I also happened to scroll past a section where you are clearly using emotes to bypass in-game chat restrictions while being gagged. I get the impression that you are not fun at all to play with in any capacity, and so did the 10 other admins who voted on this appeal.

Appeal has been unanimously denied by Wizard’s Den administration. You may appeal only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server and no sooner than six months from the date of this denial (02/19/2023).

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