Some_Random [Plasmaing Detroit station.]

SS14 account username: Some_Random
Ban reason: Attempting to evade ban & Plasmaing Detroit station.
Date of ban: 2/6/22
Length of ban: Permaban.
Events leading to the ban: I decided 2 minutes after the shift started I said I was going to plasma station since we where on Detroit station, but before I succeeded their was a vote to reset which had 3/4 of players vote reset (but that didn’t happen from what I remember), and captain said he was going to ask for nuke codes or call shuttle, and when captain asked if we could fix something we said no and we where on strike, and after about 20 minutes or less I came back from doing something and decided to continue the thing I was doing which took around 5-10 minutes before round reset.
Reason the ban should be removed: I Believe that this was a fair ban that I deserve to be perma-banned after breaking server rules and plasma’d the station, I think that this ban was fair and that I shouldn’t be unbanned but I love playing this game even though I break the rules this is the one game that I enjoy since Playing SS13 is like trying to get an apartment in new York for a affordable rent, its just nearly impossible, and I think that Attempting to evade my ban was dumb, but I seriously like playing this game from the chaotic nature to the calm moments.

I just Regret it, seriously I just thought that that would be a funny joke but it was a fair ban but I would love to play this game again.

And also I just wanted to play this game again which is why I attempted to evade my ban was just because I wanted to play this game since the people on it are so funny, and cool.

The tolerance for ban evasion on Wizards Den is zero. If we cannot trust you to attempt to appeal your ban through proper channels, we cannot trust you will abide by the rules. Appeal again after six months (08/05/2023), only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. 

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