SomeCustodian perma-banned due to 3 small offences

Ban reason: The ban was due to 3 small offences which were rudeness in ahelps, poor name choice(Custodian Dawkins, and Nuclear op as a clown), and due to a joking threat of ruining a round due to seeing that there was no admins online. Note that these 3 bans happened over the course of 4 months, not in one round or day.
Length of ban: forever*
Events leading to the ban:

Reason the ban should be removed: While I do believe the 3 bans were somewhat just if not a bit harsh, I do not believe it should total to a full perma ban. It also happened around a year ago and people tend to change.

I would call this asking for a ban if your actively saying your going to go grief. Don’t abuse the aHelp to do some comedy set and try and wind the admins up.
But I would agree with you that a year is a while ago and that people tend to change, lets see if you have changed for the positive in that time. Expect a stronger ban if not.
Please refresh yourself on our rules as they have changed a bit over the last year.
Appeal Accepted - I’ve removed the ban.

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