Something needs to be done about shuttle bombing in MRP

Shuttle bombing is wrong on so many different levels, especially in an MRP server like Salamander.

For one, its huge power gaming. Saving all your TC for the last 2 minutes of the game where everyone is cramped into a tiny place with no escape, and too much chaos to even see who caused it. Its just too easy for one person to kill 20 people. That and the fact that you cant replace broken floor tiles, and theres never a way to regain atmosphere, not to mention the lack of EVA. As soon as the shuttle is spaced, everyone dies. The fact that its almost garunteed to happen almost every round is proof enough of how bad the issue is.

One way ive seen this fixed (if not banned outright) is by making the evac shuttles much larger. Delta V has large evac shuttles, and if bombings did happen there, it wouldnt be nearly as devastating. At the very least, make shuttles fully repairable, come with plenty of EVA, or give us the tools we need to repressurize the shuttle!

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While I partially agree with what youre describing on shuttle bombing and how it effectively stalls the round waiting for evac, a lot of shuttle bombings can be mitigated with a prepared engineering team.

Inflatables and holofans will stop the immediate spacing and every engine room on every shuttle has an air canister that can repressurize a sealed shuttle.

You’re really only going to have a serious issue if someone does a very powerful maxcap or if someone manages to sneak a syndie bomb or lake aboard.

The issue I see is that there’s currently no way for security to stop shuttle bombings since a traitor could just purchase the minibomb and then immediately set it off. What about making the shuttle grid block uplink purchases? That way security has an RP-able option of doing a security bag check. It wouldn’t stop someone from using an implant to sneak one in but that seems fair.

From what I recall from a different thread, these are the problems I remember being pointed out/I can think of

  1. too easy to un-pressurize the entire shuttle/saving people has a high risk of un-pressurizing a save room
  2. engineering ias a hard time fixing the problem
    Yes you can use holograms and inflatables, but they also take up a significant amount of space on such a small shuttle

Because of the shuttle size we can compare this to the station itself, as spacing on-station is a problem, but not as major
(Hopefully all this makes sense)

Exactly! Even when engineers build firelocks using RCD’s, the shuttle is so small that opening those doors even once will space the next room, and during a panic, people are going to open those doors to flee and save people. Thats going to leave the entire ship spaced. And engineering would need to bring probably 7 canisters of air to repressurize the shuttle as well, which is unrealistic.

And again, the fact that engineering already builds firelocks on the shuttle is proof of how serious this problem is. I can understand this level of chaos on LRP, but not on MRP. Its just bad.

Overall, I feel like shuttle bombing should be banned outright and anyone who does it should be slapped with a 3 day ban because it’s just so good and it happens EVERY ROUND. It’s murderboning too! Breach of rule 12, there’s plenty of ground for admins to ban people on this but they’re not and it’s setting a bad example of what’s okay and what’s not, which is crucial especially for a game like this.

This is THE reason i take pods and a handheld mass scanner with me to CC.

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I actually have not used a Mini-bomb before and commented without knowing what it is. I thought it was C4 or something else.
I am honestly not sure what to say about it as i have never seen a traitor use a mini-bomb in either SS13 or SS14, i maybe one of the lucky few that just gets spared seeing it.

My best suggestions are to add more airlocks to the escape shuttle like what was mentioned earlier.
Add a couple of rooms to the Evac shuttle that contain spare oxygen canisters.
Maybe add oxygen grenades to offer a way to immediately refill a room with air.

The security check-points are really not a good counter-play to this as there is many ways to sneak past security and many players would just barge past security anyway so that they don’t miss the shuttle in the limited time that they have.

Banning shuttle bombing is not a good counter either as it would make it so future traitors just get in trouble for doing their job. where as current traitors just sound like they trying to power game.

Evac shuttle will be spaced at some point, there is no avoiding it.
Best to try and make it so refilling it with air is as easy as it is to space it.

This is two seperate issues caused by one factor: the spacing, and the mass death. The spacing is fixable with your idea, so add that please. Or at least make oxy nitro foam nades standard so that spacing can be quickly fixed. The mass death is only fixable by banning shuttlebombing, which just fixes both issues.

we could maybe take a bit from submarines (atleast the nuclear sub from Smarter Every Day’s youtube channel) and have candles that burn into O2 that are mapped onto shuttles instead of o2 canisters, or in combination to o2 canisters