SpaceGeek - ERP is my impression but not really sure

SS14 account: SpaceGeek
Character name: Unsure
Type of Ban: Perma
Date of Ban and Duration: Again, unsure. The ban must have happened some time AFTER the last time I played which was at least a month ago and is perma.
Reason for Ban: “Mommies milkies” is all that was in the ban reason.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard is all I play on.
Your side of the story: I really do not know as the last time I played was not eventful and I did not get bwoinked. I assume someone is going back through logs and (judging by the rest of the appeals on the forum) banning for anything remotely ERP.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, I wasn’t doing any ERP but apparently referencing ANY kind of bodily functions is banworthy. I was not aware that permas were being given out for this kind of thing. The language on the server MOTD does not explain that things are at this level and should really be laid out because damn, “mommies milkies” only has a sexual connotation if someone gives it one.
Anything else we should know: I guess the boundaries on ERP are more clear but I was hoping to not have gotten ANY bans on SS14. I really don’t want a dirty record here. I’d really like to come back.

This thread looks related to mine. This is the exact wording and format of my ban reason but doesn’t make any sense.


Please elaborate how this is not a sexual connotation.

Also yes that person was hit by your IP ban.

Are you referring to what I said or what the other two in those comments said? I agree, they’re pretty openly rule breaking if any and all references to sex or sexual themes are not allowed. Grouping me in with their overt comments seems pretty harsh and if what I said is genuinely not allowed well then, now I know. Making it clear that any references to lactation itself being against the rules would be helpful. Making it clear that lactation is considered sexual would be helpful.

You are suggesting that we write “do not discuss lactation” in the rules??

Not really, I’m saying that lactation doesn’t necessarily have a sexual connotation. I believe my comment is being singled out due to its proximity to the other, more overt comments. I mean why draw the line here at “mommies milkies” considering the community SS14 grew from? But all in all I find this whole thing rather silly.

That being said, I understand the level of concern staff has for language now and I won’t do it again.

I’m aware that asking for an update on this will probably get me an extra long ban just because you can but can I play this game any time soon or should I just uninstall at this point?

Unanimous internal decision is to deny your appeal at this time.

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