Spins | Banned for replacing vents with passive vents as atmos

SS14 account username Spins
Ban reason “Appears to have been putting passive vents on waste/distro within the station to intentionally cause issues at atmos.”
Date of ban 2/2/2023
Length of ban Permanent (Appeal only)
Events leading to the ban I was playing with the atmos the whole round, then I got off for the day. When I got on my computer to play SS14 today I got a message saying I was banned because I replaced 2 air vents with passive vents on the station.
Reason the ban should be removed: Do I think it was pretty a pretty stupid thing to do? Yes. Would I do it again? No I would not. 
Although I know what I did was dumb I was not aware that this was against the rules and that you could be banned from the server for replacing as little as 2 vents which didn’t even make any change to the station.

Please refrain from posting on appeals unless you have new insight to offer, and if you do please refrain from barbecuing the appealing user.

Can you please explain:

  1. what your intentions were,
  2. what specific actions you took to further those intentions,
  3. why you believed those actions would further those intentions, and,
  4. if you took any actions counter to those goals, the reason for those actions?

A quick look at chat logs appears to show some of your goals were to:

  • cut off the station’s oxygen,
  • cause an explosion, and
  • cause a gas leak.
  1. My intentions were to cut off the oxygen supply and not to cause an explosion or a gas leak.
  2. I just removed the normal vent and swapped it with a passive vent (I don’t think I actually set it up right since nothing happened)
  3. I thought changing the vent to a passive vent would cut off the oxygen supply (It did not)
  4. Not sure what your asking here.

Why did you make comments including “All im tryna do is cause an explosion” and “It hasnt blown up yet sadly”? Why, as a non-antag atmospheric technician, were you trying to cut off the station’s oxygen supply?

  1. Those comments were mainly for jokes

  2. I was trying to do it for fun, and I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t sabotage as a non-antag.



Less than a week ago you were contacted because you had been RDMing people as a security officer. In the ahelp for that you indicated that you didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to do that as a security officer. You asked which rules this violated and were directed to some of the rules you violated, including the rule about self-antagging, which you then indicated you were now aware of.

A few days prior to that, you were contacted about an issue with your character’s name. In the message for that you were told to change the name and to “read the rules if you haven’t yet”, to which you responded saying you would.

This is yet another supposed misunderstanding of rules related to self antagging, both instances having occurred within a relatively short period of one another, and both also having happened relatively soon after you were told to read the rules. With this in mind, can you offer any reason or reasons why administrators reviewing this appeal should believe you’re unlikely to continue to be involved in an abnormally high amount of issues?

I promise I will do my best to stay out of trouble because I really enjoy space station 14 and Wizards den is pretty much the only English’s speaking server that is active. 

Since my ban I have carefully read through the Server rules and the 3 MRP documents. And now I fully understand the rules on the server.

To clarify, the pages on the wiki under the “MRP” section are not enforced on LRP. Thank you for your responses, the admin team will discuss your appeal and an uninvolved administrator will update you on the results of that discussion.

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal; however, let me make this plainly clear:

The next time you sabotage something or destroy something significant as a non-antagonist and claim you didn’t know it was against the rules will not be tolerated. Your next ban that results in an appeal will only be appealable after 6 months with a voucher of good behavior from another server. I strongly suggest you stay on good behavior. This ban will be lifted.

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