SS14 Ronin001 - Discord ronin0003 - Ahelp Evading

Ban Reason : “Left seconds after receiving an ahelp.”
Length Of Ban : 10,800 Minutes

Events Leading To Ban: I magged dumped the kangaroo as i was bored (this was not a reasonable action and i understand that) and i got an Ahelp saying “Why???” and didn’t feel like dealing with it and alt f4rd.
Reason The Ban Should Be Removed : I understand the ban being justified but not the length, i feel that 1 week is an absurd amount of time for what i believe is a minor offense that wouldn’t affect any others.

This ban is in line with out banning policy and is denied.
Evasion of an aHelp should be at a minimum 7 days with the option to be made to indef depending on circumstances:

Appeal denied.

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