SS14 username: Cutplays reason for ban "for working with antags as a cap"

SS14 account: cutplays
Character name: Lee balldwen or something close to it
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: around the time im making this form so 4:30 est?

Reason for Ban: Working with/ignoring those Syndicate items Willingly. Dont do this.  
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: so I was being cap walking around trying to be friendly and just nice when a random dude comes to me and says do you like my drip. I say sure not really paying attention to him bc I’m talking with a person. Then a random dude comes down the hall saying “hey why did you just let that dude with synid gear walk away”. I said “he didn’t have any synid gear”. then he goes on the radio saying I’m incompetent and not fit for my job I just ignore him and go back to brige. Next I see my radio blowing up of this dude saying I’m shit at my job I’m working with synids, Well I go to the comms computer and say as a joke “I’m blind sorry”. Then I get people trying to brake in brige and more people calling me shit at my job bc if you said it enough people will believe you for no fucking reason. As I’m trying to solve people braking in the brige a person stealing my locker I’m trying to talk to an admin about how I’m not working with synids, and I just cant see the really small pixels without my glasses. Then as a argument he says “Then how did you pick up a cig that said sydid gave to you” I say as a counter argument “he pointed at it so I could pick it up” in realty I spent about 1 min trying to pick that shit up after that he just bans me.     

Why you think you should be unbanned:  I would never work with an antag as a command role as I am to be a head of the ship and as a player will not try and ruin the fun of other players by doing something that is against the rules.   As a value I do believe I bring a a diligent rule follower and a funny and kind person to ss14 I do also try to be fair and unbiased when I’m dealing with people especially when I play a command role. I believe I was banned unfairly as I physically could not see the gear the man was wearing as i was not wearing my glasses at the time.

Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your
appeal, include it here. i am wearing my glasses now. If anything is sloppy or my points don’t get a crossed I’m sorry I’ve never have been go at writing this type of stuff

I see I made a mistake on the time and duration. It was for 720 mins so a 12 hour ban

I seem to have made another mistake im only banned on official severs sorry about that

This ban has expired

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