[StarFruit692093] - [Failed Nukies]

SS14 account: StarFruit692093
Character name: Paldos Hybron
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban: and Duration: 7/17/2022
Duration: Permanent ban
Reason for Ban: Played nukie commander. went so far undercover they boarded the shuttle home instead of playing to win
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I was Nukie Commander I told everyone we were going to do StealthOps Only for one of my fellow Nukies to do WarOps and use the Nukies coms. We did not Agree to WarOps and I still tried to StealthOps. While on the station my team split from me and did WarOps before I realized that they split from me and I was nervous that I would be caught and couldn’t get to cap since he was being guarded. So I kind of shut down and just tried to survive and try attempting to get the disc which I failed to do. Then Shuttle was called and it couldn’t be recalled so I boarded the shuttle in defeat. Could I have done everything better yes I really could’ve but I wasn’t thinking straight, panicking, and stressed so I gave up and I apologies for my action if I could’ve I would’ve just thrown a bomb at cap but I panicked I apologies for ruining the Nukie event.  
Why you think you should be unbanned: I really love this game and would love to continue to be allowed to play, 
My love for this game, My creativity, And Trying my best to make people laugh or confused, Yes and No. Do I deserve a ban yes I would agree however a permanent ban no I would disagree, I will become a better Nukie leader, Make better plans and strategies if I ever even play nukies after this.
Anything else we should know: I apologies for my action and being a shit Nukie. If I’m allowed back I promise I will do better and I’m sorry I’m honestly sorry for being bad at Nukies and being bad at being a Nukie Commander And I Promise I Will Do Better. I Apologies

-StarTrash692093 because I’m trash

yeah i know starfruit, they arent a very competitive and/or confrontational person, this is not out of character from them… But i firmly believe this could be excused rp wise, since his team fell one by one, demoralized, a person would fall back to their survival instinct. A permanent ban is also not fitting for something like this, it just shows they arent fit to be a commander. I say the punishment is not a permanent ban, just a job ban.

Thank you for caring that really helps me feel better. thank you

For clarification, StarFruit is not permanently banned for this. They are permanently banned for the fact that they keep getting bans. This is more of a including past behavior ban instead of it just being the one thing. So yes, a permanent ban is very fitting for this. 

Oh I apologies I honestly didn’t know that was why I was perma banned. I do honestly apologies for not being the prefect player and I’m sorry that I made 3 mistakes threw out the course of over a year I will admit I’m not perfect even if I want to be and I apologies for this. I apologies for not meeting your standards if you and the other admins see fit that I should stay perma ban that’s okay. I can’t stop yall. I had fun making friend that I still play with to this day and making people laugh and happy thank you for all the great memories I will cherish them for as long as I can remember. Thank you for providing me the chance to play and enjoy such a amazing game and I’ll be sad to let it go but I guess that’s how life goes. thank you and I apologies. have a great day sorry for bothering you over this, hopefully I’ll be able to play again if yall were to change your minds one day. 

Appeal is accepted but you will be on thin ice due to previous bans.

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