[Stealth16] Ban Appeal - TestedHawk

_ SS14 account: _ TestedHawk

_ Character name: _ Issac Tenenbaum

_ When was the ban: _ Approximately 10-15 minutes before the making of this form.

_ Server you were playing on when banned: _ US West Wizard’s Den Lizard

_ Your side of the story: _ In short, I had been going around as Issac and insulting characters. I never aim it towards the players, it’s completely in roleplay and I do it just to establish a very well-hated character. I wanted to try going down a new path of insults by using what I can see from the player and throwing it back at them. I saw this Security running around and went up to them and started being a jerk as usual. And one of the things I said to them was “You’re nothing but property.” Now, this line was said in order to insult the position they held. It’s a common insult to many government officials since they’re basically handled like equipment. I had absolutely no clue beforehand that the player turned out to be a woman. When she informed me of such as I was walking away, I felt like a complete and total idiot. I wanted to try and apologize but was banned before I had the chance to do so.

_ Why you think you should be unbanned: _ Now, this was an extremely stupid mistake on my part. I would have avoided that line like the plague if I had any clue she was a woman before my comment. I also wanna add that while Issac is meant to be a dick, he also really helps out around the ship. As a character, he’s kind of a punching bag, he says a lot of stupid stuff and in the end usually gets the bad-end of the stick. But if it’s a dire situation, I drop the jerk act and get to work on helping the people around me. I’ve done it a lot before and have gotten some pretty great reactions from it. The people who know Issac hate him with a passion, but they know he gets the job done. I’ve been Security, Chemist, Doctor, Lawyer, Janitor, HoS, HoP, and I’ve kept a lot of people alive and the ship together.

_ Anything else we should know: _ Please check the logs, if you read them then you can see that I had no clue that she was a woman. When I first started talking to them, I said “Do you have a wife and kids?” as I assumed they were a male character. Either way, I still feel really bad about this comment. It’s 100% my fault and I apologize profusely for this stupid accident.

I think you should drop the asshole character shtick. It tends to make people believe you are an asshole and want to not play with you.

I’m changing your ban to a week because I can believe that this is a misunderstanding. Regardless, the joke was in ill taste. Find a different way to roleplay that doesn’t involve being rude to the players around you.

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