[Stealth16] - Hytell


Name when banned; Mike Hawk

Banned, March 7th est. time 10pm UTC

Server; Wizard’s Den Lizard US West

I was banned for approximately 48 hours for being an asshole to a guy. Dragging him around for a couple of minutes and harmed him. I was also allegedly metagrudging, but im not sure i understand why. I understand the rules and the ban was fair. After i was banned i was curious if i was IP banned or only accound banned, so i proceeded to log into my second account and check, and lo and behold i was IP banned. I wasn’t intending to evade the ban under any circumstance, a 2 day ban is fair. Today an admin let me know that i had infact been permanently banned, because logging in with my second account was considered enough to warrant a permaban under trying to evade my original ban.

I think the original ban was just and again, i was not trying to evade it. My permanent ban should be revoked because i am in general a positive and active player, and i have made a lot of friends in this very nice community.


Upon discussion with the rest of this team we’re going to deny this appeal for two reasons.

  1. That’s such a laughably bad excuse for ban evasion that we’re not interested in humoring it.

  2. Your excuse doesn’t even hold water anyway because you tried connecting from another IP.

File another appeal in one week that actually owns up to what you tried to do.

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