[Stealth16 *] NRC (Ban Appeal)

SS14 account: nrc

When was the ban:  3/26/2022 - 4/1/2022

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: First time i get banned for griefing the station for 3 days, and in the mean time i try to evade (creating another account), i get my ban appeal denied because of this, and then later, when the timeout is gone, i back to play because it’s a fun game wich i like and with no intentions of f*ing up again, in the same day when was playing as a Sec, decided to gib a afk person welded in a locker (to give organs to med) not knowing about the rule of not mess with afk people, since then (04/01/22) i get permaban by adm. Stealth16, he explain to my the reason of perma is the evading and my acts in the round with addition of older complains of me being a shit sec, but principally the try of evasion what i did feeling it was not the right thing to do and thinking it wouldn’t give me a permaban, but i acted like a moron because it was a weekend… 

Why you think you should be unbanned:  it has been 2 weeks since my misbehavior, since then i’m apologetic of all my acts, i will try to stay out of sec jobs because i do not handle well   situations that get chaotic, since the beginning i know it is not supposed to harm people, but some situations for example, when some cultists was trying to kill everyone who gets closer to the church some secs and i go there to stop then, my partner shoot then, i banged stun and cuff then, in the jail one tried to escape the cell and jump into vent bin, i caught him but  haven’t any cuffs left so i keep stunning him waiting for backup, i get a warn message for this act and similars before. I am trying and want to improve my conduct.

Anything else we should to know:  it’s a suggestion, i think maybe it’s a good idea to show the rules in ban-screen with the infraction penalties, situations like trying to evade ban maybe can be avoided. Thanks for your time reading this appeal. 

Do you really need to be told not to ban evade

1 hour ago, Stealth16 said:

Do you really need to be told not to ban evade

Answered your question in the last appeal,  and i was really dumb trying to.


try of evasion what i did feeling it was not the right thing to do and thinking it wouldn’t give me a permaban, but i acted like a moron because it was a weekend… 



But yet you made the same point here so I asked you again

56 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

But yet you made the same point here so I asked you again

What else can i say? was a weekend, feeling it was wrong thing to do i did the mistake.
And i’m being transparent, i didn’t play while banned, or even now.

This is why i’m appealing my ban. I waited one week since my last appeal and here i am asking for one more chance of doing the right thing. As i said before, i like the community, for example, on “r/place” (the canvas thing on reddit) there is a clown in the top left, fighting against CS and Fortnite, and remained there until the end.

There is so much people active in this community and is very alive, i hope it will only get better and this is why i am asking for a chance to witness and keep playing, i feel sorry for my recurrent imprudent actions. As you said, my precedents are not good example to the community and total i agreed.

What i did ruined other people’s gameplays, if i knew what i was doing, i would stop myself. 
I really can play better.

Since get banned i kept reading others ban appeals, also closeds and accepted appeals, it’s being a good way to learn limits about.

And just saw a case where the people get a job-ban, if is possible downgrade my punishment to a job-ban on Sec and Sci, i would be glad of still being able to play.


Making this reply to resume all my in-game situations related to the forum. @Stealth16you questioned me in my last appeal “How can we trust that there will be a change in your behavior if we let you back in?”. I learned with all i did it wrong in the past, first in march 26, playing as sci, i  did the mistake of blow two afk bodies in the maint room, “for some kind of funeral”, and later i was imprudent of giving someone a flask with bomb to him get a revenge after he was killed, again another mistake, he spaced the bridge and killing a lot of people.

This was my first ban, i tried to evade by creating another account named “Niko”. When 3 days pass, my ban expired and i came back play on day 1 and take another ban (this).

Started playing as a sec, put a guy in a cell because he stole my baton, and then i started patrolling the ship, found a welded freezer in the maints with two afk bodies, got then to med, saw the operating rooms and i did the same mistake as before, my taught was " afk means dude left the game so i can messy with then", by now i have learned this is not the way it works, people can come back, back then… i started gib the body, then you ahelped me and told me i not supposed to do that, by then its already a reason to get a ban, you saw my history and attempt to evade then applied my perma-ban. 


I am trying and want to improve my conduct.

I’m learning reading old topics, like said in the last reply. It’s something i should have done a long time ago instead attempting to evade. This is my third week without playing, maybe i am good to get back to play, and if i get back, i will stay visiting the forum to read ban situations instead writing my situation, it’s being a way to learn more about the rules.

Back in 2010 as a 11’y old, started to play GTA SA:Mp RPG Server, had this same kind of situation.

Got some trouble to fits into the rules back then, and haved to spend some time in forums to appeal and reply in cases of RDM and Authority Abuse made by me. RP normally have a lot of rules and is common to see new people breaking they; At first glance it feels you are totally right about do what you do, but after some time banned and read more times the rules, seeing cases of people doing the same thing you did, yourself realize your mistakes.

I’m close to a month banned, my time banned is being sad but was worth to i learn my mistakes, i feel better to go back, but depends on your decision. 


Alright this has sat for a bit. We’re going to let you come back in, but know that we don’t like people trying to evade bans.

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