Stealth16 or moony - MartinTrojan

SS14 account: MartinTrojan
Character name: Martin von Hildegarde
When was the ban: a day or two ago
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story: This Appeal is for the permanent ban of my account for accidentally saying a racial slur.

I joined in as a chef in a round that had already started and was like the half of the round, where chaos started to ensue. The kitchen had no power, i had no idea how to cook and i was very stressed, so i browsed the wiki for guides, recipes and such, and asked a fellow clown for help, and when i learned to actually help and feed the hungry crew, i was euphoric and very excited, and i said something that is unacceptable and i felt like an idiot, i took that back and apologized to those around me, but i still got reported.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I have read the rules many times, but i got really euphoric that one time and it was an accident. I deeply apologize, and i will help enforce the rules on the players.

Anything else we should know: This is not very relevant but I have also have spent 148 hours playing the game, and when i’ve seen people violating the rules or sec officers violating space laws, i try to enlighten them and inform them that what they are doing is wrong, every time i can.


5 minutes ago, MartinTrojan said:

I have read the rules many times

You say you have read the rules many times, did you happen to read over the part that says no alt accounts? Or at least an explanation on why you tried to ban evade with an alt account? 

Im sorry for what i did, but this is my favorite server and one of my favorite games and i have so many hours in this game already. I recognize my mistake, how do i delete the alt?

What is taking so long? im not rushing nobody, but  i thought this was going to take a day at max.

Appeals can take up to about a week depending on internal discussion.

Appeal accepted. Do not do it again.

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