Steve_minecraft - slurs in russian

SS14 account username: steve_minecraft
Ban reason: slurs in russian
Date of ban: 25.06.2023
Length of ban: this ban will only remove via appeal
Events leading to the ban: I’m was just playing, and as a joke said a lot of words such as “cyka”, “Blyat”, “poshol nahuy” and speaking on russian
Reason the ban should be removed: I want to keep playing on the server, I promise I won’t speak Russian anymore and I won’t swear.

In addition to violating a naming rule and continuing to speak russian after being told not to, common swears like you stated are not what we are concerned about.


окей меня на дискорде еще забанили ну вас нафиг



нету смысла говорить чота с людьми непонятной ариентации у которых еще аниме фембой на аве

image.pngOkay well thanks for clearing that up for us. Appeal denied.

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