Stevononono-going too far with a welder

SS14 account: Stevononono
Character name: Nomzalo “Noms-the-wires” Zakhele
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: it’s been almost a month now.

Reason for Ban: i cannot fully read it because it’s too long but i’ll recreate what i can:

Server you were playing on when banned: Server name: Lizard

Your side of the story: there’s no sugarcoating that i basically fucked around and found out. i was kind of a dumbass for managing to effectively “remotely detonate” a welding tank. i honestly need to memorise maints better because what happened was i ended up depowering medbay by accident.

Why you think you should be unbanned: i think i am ready to have access to the video game i promise that i won’t depower an area again unless it helps me as an antag/i am forced to by circumstance and literally everything around me in an incredibly niche circumstance. if it gets to the point where that’s necessary i’ll ahelp.

Anything else we should know: I get it, i may be an alpha tester but some things shouldn’t be pushed so far, just to try find game bugs/end boredom.

I think i may have grown as a person: not only am i a year older, i’ve experienced a philosophical enlightenment through the death of my own ego: we’re all a greater part of something, and at the end of the day, one is no more or less than the sum of its parts, and because of this i literally got a job at a government office with the agriculture and rural payments branch (ARPA). i’ll try be better this time. i cannot guarantee good, but i can try to be better. no one is perfect and i am far from it. I’ll try act normal, and after the ego death i stopped finding schizoposting funny: it was an endless cycle that ultimately tortured schizophrenics by indulging in their hallucinations, so i reported the subreddit because that was the most i could do. i’ve always strove to do the most i could, and unfortunately coupled with me being hard headed i tend to hyperfixate on something for an hour until i either complete it or get bored. i’ve found it really is best to just step away from the device sometimes.

1 hour ago, Stevononono said:

I think i may have grown as a person: not only am i a year older

You were banned nine days ago

that was when you banned me for being underage. iirc i originally was banned about 2 weeks ago, no?

technically i am a year older though, so there is truth to that statement. was 15 b4, now im 16

You were banned exactly nine days ago.

i see…

wait let me check

oh yeah
welp, i’m dumb and dramatic


honestly i just want you to be upfront…

am I denied or will you let this incident slide?
i already know i’m probably denied so just tell it to me straight

If we’d reached a decision this thread would be closed.

i see…

i will try to be better in future

thank you for taking a gander at this

This appeal will be denied. It’s clear to me from your posts that you’re incredibly impatient and immature, which lines up with the previous ban for being underage. Even if you’re technically 16 now (though this is not confirmed to me), I don’t feel that you’ll be a good player on our servers.

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