[StinkoBrinkley] - [welderbombing followed by complaining in disc]

SS14 account username: [StinkoBrinkley]
Ban reason: [“bragging about 12 hour ban in for your epic welderbomb grief in the discord and epicly pwning the “lamebrain mod” that banned you for it”]
Date of ban: [5/17/23]
Length of ban: [Five Days.]
Events leading to the ban: [

Round 1: Evac is called, i walk around the evac room with a lit welder asking people to follow me into maints, people, obviously, do not follow me. i ask everyone in the room and someone says yes, we walk through maints for about a minute, evac has already left at this point, we finally find fuel in the maints and i stare at him for about 20 seconds then welderbomb us. he tells me to kms as a ghost and then about 60 seconds later the round endscreen pops up and were back to the lobby.

Round 2: i recieve a adminmessage asking why i did that, i say it was just a little bit of shittery at the end of the round and that i wont do it again. mod presses me and says its self antagging as the roundend screen hadnt shown yet, i say yes it is but the guy i killed made it out okay as he is currently alive same as me. i then receive a 12 hour ban.

Discord: i post in #stories about the same thing i posted here. people respond in a variety of ways, someone says i deserve my ban and i write another message with my opinion that the context of the round ending so soon after means a 12 hour ban is a little harsh. i say that the “lamebrain mod is bored and wants someone to punish” lamebrain is a joking insult from my discord server, i dont mean any hate with it sorry.

Reason the ban should be removed: [I quickly deleted my message in the discord (as in, before this ban was even doled out guessing by the UTC time) as i was clouded by emotion, i should have waited an hour before posting anything, or not posted at all. i am still steadfast in my opinion that my 12 hour ban was a little too harsh for my transgression, but i understand that the rules must be kept strict if the game is to function, and i hold the rules in high regard, i am a member of the community, i have around 100 hours so far, i have fun in the bar, i teach newbies science and get shit done as RD, i am always kind, helpful, and cool to my servermates, and i am developing a fork. i love this game deeply and want to play, as does my brother, who shares my IP and is affected by this ban. 5 days is an extremely long time, and i already learned my lesson with the 12 hour ban. i apologize for being annoying in the discord, i have learned to allow the situation to settle before posting anything. i will also not welderbomb anyone again and will keep all shittery withheld until after the round end screen.]

thank you and i love this game -terezi


The admin team has decided to reject this appeal.

I’ve made the changes needed to allow the other person that shares your connection to play during your ban.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals