[Story] How I aided someone after he murdered me

So, I was an engineer. Just happened to stroll in front of sec when some dudes were breaking in. One of them had a holo and a machine gun, and I didn’t even have the time to turn around.

When I was dead, I saw the name of the guy who killed me, something Khan. But wait, if I only saw his name when I was dead, it means my character didn’t see it, so I should act like it.

Eventually, someone found my body in maint, and I was revived. I went to sec and told them that there was a dwarf jani traitor, with a machine gun and holoparasite, but I didn’t say his name. The detective asked me to fix the windows. I didn’t have any material on me, or even my PDA, so it took a while, but eventually I came back, ready to fix things.

So I was standing in front of sec, yelling “hey, let me in”, but it seemed no one was there. Then this guy comes around, wearing an engineering hardsuit. His name? Khan. He just opened the doors to sec and walked in, and I followed. “HoP must have given him access”, my character thought.

Now when we’re inside the cops show up. “What are you doing here?” “I’m here to fix the windows”, I say. “Yes, we’re here to fix the windows” says Khan. Cop says OK. While I’m fixing windows, Khan is like “hm oh yeah I’m fixing things”, taking sheets of glass and steel and putting them on the floor like that’s part of the process. He might even have taken those from me, I’m not sure.

“Done”, I say, and the cops let me out. Khan stayed behind and probably did bad things.