Syren11 - gateway erp

Ban reason: Yelling on the radio that “the bar is serving semen” followed by going to the bar and calling the bartender a “cumtender” 

Ban length: Appeal ban

Events leading to the ban: Bar was serving glasses of cream and I guess they added saline at some point so it said “tastes creamy and salty” when drinking the glass and I thought it’d be funny to call it cum due to the similar descriptors. 

Reason the ban should be removed: I didn’t really think that this would classify as ERP, in hindsight, it wasn’t my smartest move. I promise I won’t make semen allegations again, pinky promise. 


I’m an active patreon donor and everything, I just wanna enjoy the game. It’d suck to not have access to it anymore just because I’m a bit dumb sometimes

Just stay clear from any more dumb sexual reference jokes, I’d suggest having a quick re-read of the rules here with specific interest in the top 5 as they will land you back in to a ban as they are all zero tolerance even within a joke context, no one wants to hear it.
I’ve removed the ban now. Keep in mind, subsequent bans will be more severe on following issues.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals