takedo9420-Destroying AME as spider

SS14 account username: takedo9420
Ban reason: Destroying AME as spider
Date of ban: July 3, 2023
Length of ban: 1440 minutes
Events leading to the ban:  i played as a spider spawned inside AME and destroyed 2 blocks of AME
Reason the ban should be removed: the spider spawned literally inside the AME (right at middle) making me unable to move at all and i keep attacking the AME blocks until it broke so i can get out, i have the time to destroy the whole AME before Sec come and kill me but i didn’t,i only did what necessary for me to get out from being stuck therefore i think this ban should be removed.

The logs appear to hold this explanation up, though you do seem to have been also attacking a crew monitoring server in a ghost role just prior to that so we’d request you try not to break infrastructure when you’re in a ghost role like that. We won’t hold this ban against you, even though it has already expired.

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